Welcome to the Abanitu Organics blog…

Our goal is to try to keep you current on the many exciting happenings on our beautiful farm located in northern Person County near Roxboro, North Carolina, as well as provide some insight into the philosophy under girding our approach to farming.  We are an organic farm! Even though we have not yet been certified organic, our practices are strictly organic. Soil health and fertility are a central focus, including re-mineralization and no-till soil preparation in a raised-bed, permaculture model farm eco-system.

We cultivate most vegetables typical of this region, as well as several kinds of small fruits including blueberries, black berries, grapes and figs. We also grow culinary herbs in abundance along with a few medicinals.

Our mission is to provide food that is fresh and local, as well as food that maximizes nourishment and flavor. For these reasons, we avoid chemicals and use organic seed from open-pollinated, mostly heirloom plants.

Thanks for supporting our efforts.

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    Hetepu, It is most inspiring seeing your site and farm reproducing. Mp continues to learn and grow from your developments. Continue expanding as an example to be followed.

    Dr. Ra Maa Nu Amen
    Natural Hygienist and Lifestyle Counselor

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