The collards are tender, delicious and easy to cook. They are ready to eat within 10-15 minutes. Just add the washed and prepared leaves to boiling water. Stir so all leaves are exposed to the the boiling water, add 1/2 half teaspoon of baking soda to the pot with the boiling collards and water, stir, […]

Saundra Clemmons

Barry Obie brought us 7 pounds of the best collard greens we have ever tasted over the weekend.  We are fans for life and look forward to visiting your organic facility in Roxboro soon.  Please keep up on you mailing list.

Alfred J. Finch

Those Collard Greens that you brought back from North Carolina were absolutely delicious, so tender and easy to prepare. I prepared my Greens vegetarian style. It’s a very simple recipe that includes sweet onions, garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Add the thinly cut Greens and some apple vinegar, then simmer on medium heat for […]

Johnnie Mikel

Good morning Barry, wanted you to know those Collard Greens are the most tender I’ve ever had. Tell your brother Bernard to keep at it with those Collards. 🙂

Paul Mikel

THIS IS FOOD FROM the HEART of GOD! The collards were so tender and sweet. EVERYTHING I have ever eaten from this Farm was AMAZING! If you have seen the movie, ” Like Water for Chocolate ” , This is that kind of Food. OOOZING WITH LOVE!

Muna Mujahid

Hello Mr. Obie, the greens were great. My wife liked them as well. I prepared them my way and your way. I like your way better. Now I know what greens taste like without cooking the flavor out of them, and yes they were sweet. Olive oil was my only seasoning. Greens brought to life. […]

William E. Ramsey

Best greens ever!

Ua Aua-t Meru Kheprama Uahmet
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