A Spirit-Based Sanctuary For Life

Abanitu is a spiritual place.  A spirit-filled place. It is a temple, devoted to the reconnection of people to the land, it’s fruits, and thereby, to God.  God is everywhere, in everything, in everyone, in me.  It is our connection to God that connects us to all life, at Abanitu and beyond.  I am one with all and the All in all.  Every tree, shrub and blade of grass is an expression of the Divine, making us one.  Each earthworm, cricket, dragonfly, bumblebee and butterfly shares a connection with each other and with me.  The birds, bats, squirrels and deer are all expressions of God, and therefore sacred.  Gnats, mosquitoes, wasps, snakes, and crows are all part of the Divinely inspired food web that is connected to every living thing, including humans, and must be allowed to have their place in the world for the well-being of the world.  Abanitu is just a small eco-system that helps to restore these important relationships, where all life is sacred.  This is the essence of its spirituality – it is a safe haven for life.

But, not just life; balanced, healthy, abundant life, avoiding the perversions and distortions so common today.  This is why Abanitu is an organic farm – a balanced, healthy eco-system that exalts life, for the production of vegetarian food essential to life and abundant health.

The  sacred lives that are sacrificed here on behalf of ourselves and others must be honored and sanctified, acknowledging our interdependence and ultimate oneness.  Each saved seed is beheld in wonder and treated with respect.  Planted in carefully combined soils with reverence and happy expectation, we understand that God is working a miracle – extending a healing, nourishing portion of Itself into the world for the benefit of the world and its inhabitants.
What is nourishment?  What does the human mind, body, spirit require to be healthy, balanced and whole?  Is it even possible today to cultivate food that meets this lofty expectation?  Can we afford to be satisfied with anything other than the supreme effort to achieve it?

The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of a people must be an important barometer of their level of civilization.  Food, and how it is grown  and prepared is central to our well-being. Shall we gain the whole material world and lose our appetites along with our health because we suffered the lazy, the greedy, and the unenlightened to control the production of our food?  Can the loss of our mental clarity and moral discretions be far behind, as we are coerced into choosing war and death over life and peace, in a stupor induced by empty food?  To say nothing of toxic food?

Still-born babies and premies accompany infant mortality as the legacy of under nourished expecant mothers, many of whom have never had a full quotient of nutrients themselves; victims of well-meaning but duped  parents who worshiped microwave convenience as if a new religion.  ‘Happy meals’  inculcate dietary habits that inevitably lead to unhappy lives for over weight children and obese young adults, and obscene profits for a predatory medical – pharmaceutical – industrial complex that, for all their billions, cannot connect the dots of cause and effect.

Not satisfied with chemically toxic and nutritionally empty food, these same giant corporate vampires are now seeking to replace God in the food equation.  Altering complex genetic structures that have nourished mankind for millenia and then patenting the frankenstein-ish outcome, these international corporations strive for greater profits and ultimate control over the world’s food supply.  They rationalize the diabolical practice of altering the fundamentals of plant and animal genetics, and are poisoning all humanity (and the world) in the process.  Damned if you eat, damned if you don’t.

This is why Abanitu must be a spirit-based sanctuary for life, marshalling the forces of God for life, food and all that is decent and wholesome.  To reach beyond the body and mind into that sacred connection that we all share, where miracles are born, and redemption through oneness is the natural way of being.

I give thanks to God, the forces of Nature, and the exalted Ancestors for the miracle we call Life….

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    Nicole Collins-Givens said,

    Thank you –and your Ancestors =)– so much for the works you are doing!!…. it truly is priceless!!!

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